Damages in your sewer system are not only caused by flexible and firmly structured huge tree roots. As a matter of fact, even those tiny bushes and shrubs in your backyard could also cause damage to your entire plumbing system due to its ability to grow faster compared to tree roots. In this article, you will learn what certain shrubs and bushes can pose a threat in your home and your community as a whole. 

Boxwood Shrubs 

Most professional landscapers and homeowners would choose one of the different varieties of boxwood shrubs around the yard of a residential property for decoration purposes. Even though boxwood shrubs add color to the gardens and yards, the shallow structure of its root precipitates to number plumbing system issues in your home. 

Oftentimes, the boxwood shrub is placed close to the foundation of the house where pipe structure cracks as well as plumbing leaks usually happens. Through the years, as boxwood shrubs develop, their roots will reach those damaged areas in the plumbing system as well as hinder its function eventually. Once it finds those weak points, its roots will enter it and cause excessive damage as the growth of the root develops far from the main shrub. 

Holly Shrubs and Bushes  

For professionals, they usually call this as a foundation plant. Holly bushes and scrubs are often placed close to the foundation of the home. Those plumbing facilities and systems near it will be damaged if its roots are not getting enough water and nutrition they need in order to survive. Insufficient nutrients and moisture will also make its roots spread out and usually, it will result to the penetration of your piping or sewer system through nominal cracks and weak pipe joints, as well as breaks them as they expand and grow within it. 

Damages don’t just stop once its roots reach the pipe’s internal portion. As they gain entry inside the system, there’s a high chance that new growth of plants will develop inside the pipe itself. Because of that, overflow, clog and blockages can occur, and can cost you even more money repair services and materials it needs. 

Ivy Plants 

Ivy plants are also considered as ground plants that can wrap landscaping gaps. Usually, ivy plants are seen nears to buildings and homes. Even though its pretty green color makes a great covering in the ground, they can also be a threat to the plumbing system and sewer system of your property. One of its known properties is its ability to climb as well as develop on extreme levels. 

Furthermore, ivy plants need proper maintenance and care once in a while. When ivy plant is left unattended, it can grow about four times its average size and length in just s span of 6 months when it is being neglected. 

Whenever certain damages occur in your plumbing system, it is imperative that you only trust a professional plumbing company since they have the right tools and equipment, not to mention they are knowledgeable, skilled and experienced enough to perform any plumbing related jobs.